DAF held its 10th Annual fashion show on 28/11/2009. The show was a great success. Our sponsors included L’Oreal Professionnel, Scar Hair, Mukup Creative Make-up, SDR Photo, Seventeen Magazine and Robert Thompson Designs (designer chairs and lighting). We Are Awesome were also there to take photos backstage (http://www.we-are-awesome.com/nights/daf09backstage.html). We would also like to thank Paul Snodgrass for being our MC for the night.

Our advisory committee consisted of Chris Viljoen, senior editor at ELLE magazine, David West, Maya Prass and Anne Viana, Truworths Buyer. We received great feedback from the show – David had this to say:

“Well done on am amazing evening!
It was a great show. The standard was extremely high, I thought.
Only one or two weak students and lots of strong ones.
I thought the 1st years were excellent, as usual. I also think that the red project was brilliant, in terms of pushing the students, and I was amazed with what they came up with.
The tailoring module was outstanding.
It seems that your syllabus is spot on- i think they’re getting a really balanced education, and getting the chance to be creative within reason, while also focusing on commerciality quite a bit.
Really really well done. It gets better every year”.

While Anne also commented:

“I just want to congratulate you on a well organised, professional show.
I thought that the ranges were very good. It was nice for us to see what transpired out of the planned ranges we saw earlier in the year”.

MJ Kemp (3rd year tailoring)

1st years – “Denim Facory” project required students to design and work with denim, in the market segment ‘Streetwear‘. Students had much freedom in what they designed as the only requirement was to work with 80% denim and 20% cotton Lycra. This really allows the students to express their own original style.

Grethe Bredenkamp (1st year Denim Factory/Streewear)

Next came the second years’ Fabric Manipulation brief.

Ereesha Davids (2nd year Fabric Manipulation – Carnivale)

This requires them to all work with the same cloth, this year red cotton twill, and to create interest by manipulating the fabric using craft, dyes, bleach and embellishment.

Heike Lauterbach (2nd year Fabric Manipulation – Carnivale)

The students were given the theme ‘Carnivale‘ with which to design their Avant Garde outfits.

Ashley Mae Marshall (2nd year Fabric Manipulation – Carnivale)

The second level 2 brief was to design for the market segment ‘Menswear’.

Kim Sassen (2nd year Menswear)

These designs relate directly to menswear trends and also had to include a soft tailored jacket.

Sarah Dreyer ( 2nd year Menswear)

Next the 3rds year got to present their Tailoring and Couture, which was made at the beginning of the year.

Stephanie Anastasoloulos (3rd year Couture)

They then presented their final end of year ranges. Well done to everyone for all their hard work.

Tina Swigelaar (3rd year Final Range)

Special mention must go to Rebecca Lowe, Samantha Bailey and Cindy Armstrong who won Outstanding Achievement Awards for their excellent work over the past 3 years.

Robyn Caris was Awarded the most Commercially Fashionable Range by Truworths

Robyn Caris (3rd year Final Range)

And last but not least Stephanie Anastasopoulos for being awarded the Design Excellence Award by the Advisory Committee on the night.

Stephanie Anastasopoulos (3rd year Final Range)