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The Design Academy of Fashion has a reputation for innovative and creative students, but with a commercial appeal that makes them very employable.  The success the DAF past students are enjoying whilst working for the major retailers around South Africa is evidence of this.  The Truworths Academy @ DAF is more evidence of the faith that the industry has in DAF as a fashion college that produces commercially creative students.

As lovers of fashion and all things creative, we do indulge in some “out there” work.  The second years will be briefed on their Fabric Manipulation project in the upcoming months.  Here, the students can really pull out all the stops and let their imaginations run wild.  The final garments will be presented at the DAF 2011 Fashion Show which you are invited too.  Until then, stay in touch as we will be bring y0u updates on all the 2nd years work.

Scroll down to the end of this post for the video from the DAF Fashion Show which features the  “Fabric Manipulation” of 2010.

Bart Hess

Innovation is fundamental to the Fabric Manipulation project, and one of the new innovators of fashion design is Bart Hess.  Graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven, Bart studied in the department that focuses on new materials and forecasting trends in fashion and culture.

Bart works in primitive and infinite ways. He works with his instinct and starts by using a material on the
body, exploring volumes and ways of re-shaping the human silhouette.

He creates imagery that captures future human shapes and new body form’s. Bart is discovering a low-tech prosthetic way for human enhancement.

We first noticed Bart’s work in the new Lady Gaga music video “Born this Way”.  The slime suit evoking the biologically grown process.  On his website, Bart has just announced that he has made a slime outfit for Lady Gaga to wear on her album cover. See pic below.

Lady Gaga album cover artwork for "Born this Way"

The pictures below are from a collaboration with Australian artist, Lucy Mcrae.   The collaboration known as Lucyandbart, is described as an instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body. They work in a primitive and limitless way creating future human shapes www.lucyandbart.blogspot.com

Altering the human form creating captivating yet an unsettling effect.
Lucy Mcrae

Lucy Mcrae is a classically trained ballerina and an architect.  Her work inherently fascinates with the human body. The media call her inventor, friends call her a trailblazer. Either way, she relies on instinct to evolve an extraordinary visual path that is powerful, primal and uniquely Lucy McRae.

Her provocative and often grotesquely beautiful imagery suggests a new breed; a future human archetype existing in an alternate world.

Lucy has had her “liquid body tubes” used on the new Robyn music video called “Indestructible” as well as creating the album covers called “Body Talk”.

Lucy art directed the concept and body architecture for three bespoke album covers for the album release of electro-pop icon Robyn Body Talk photographed by Johan Renck


Magazine Blend commissioned Lucyandbart to create eight images that represented the evolution of the Levi's 501 jeans brand
Lucy Mcrae captures Michael Kampe's collection - "Exploded View"

Future designers | Body Architects
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