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Recognition of Prior Learning for Access

At the Design Academy of Fashion, we recognise that learning happens in many different ways and settings, and we strive to create pathways for diverse learners to access our programs. One way to achieve access is through the process of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL is designed to acknowledge and give credit for the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that learners have acquired through previous education, work experience, volunteering, or other life experiences.

What is RPL?

RPL is a process that acknowledges and gives credit for individuals’ prior learning and experiences, providing an alternative pathway to access education and training, recognising diverse ways of learning, enabling demonstration of competencies, and valuing learners’ existing knowledge and skills.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is particularly important in a South African context because it is aligned with the principles of redress, equity, and access to education and training.

This means that learners who may not have had access to formal education or training can still gain recognition for their competencies and potentially access further education and training opportunities. RPL can also help to address skills shortages and promote lifelong learning, which are critical for the economic and social development of South Africa.

Apply for RPL

Your details will be sent to the DAF Registrar who will be in touch with further information regarding the application process.