With a passion for learning,

your growth will never cease.

Our online short courses have been specifically designed by industry experts to offer you focused knowledge and understanding from anywhere in the world

In line with our mission statement which aims to ensure the individual attention of learners and providing high-quality education that is conducive to their optimal development, we have included regular online contact time with your lecturers to support you in your successful completion of your chosen course.

Beginners introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator for fashion design.

Starting 12 October

Duration: 3 weeks

Modules: 8

Cost: ZAR 3200

Early bird discounts apply!

Aimed at designers looking to expand their technical knowledge.

Starting 31 August

Duration: 3 weeks

Modules: 8

Cost: ZAR 5600

Early bird discounts apply!

Dive into the principles of design from concept to the final touches.

Starting 7 September

Duration: 5 weeks

Modules: 8

Cost: ZAR 4800

Early bird discounts apply!



The three-year Diploma in Fashion is an accredited programme that provides the ultimate preparation needed to enter the fashion industry.


The one-year Higher Certificate in Fashion is an exciting one year program that provides a holistic overview of the clothing industry as you build, develop and create your brand vision.

The DAF Difference

In order to contribute to the world, we need to understand ourselves first.

The DAF curriculum is designed to unleash your full potential as a unique creative.  Focusing on the heart and mind of the individual, we explore, engage and experience the world around us.  When we understand ourselves and connect to the world, we are able to design and create with relevance and empathy.