The Fashion School in Cape Town.  Based in the Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock.


Providing a comprehensive service to support your vision and take your product to market.

Our services.

Brand Strategy

Working closely with the client, our brand strategists will build your brand’s look and feel. A process of distilling the information into your “brand essence”. And building on this foundation to create your brand book, logo and cohesive design elements.

Range Building

Essential to your brand’s success is executing the fundamentals of building a range. We call it delivering a “well-balanced” range. We consider the price point, styling, fabric choice, print and design. How everything sits together and gets presented to your customer.

Fashion Design

Our team of DAF graduates will sketch collections based on creative vision and any existing concept work. We maintain constant communication with you and your team throughout the design review process. Ensuring that your vision is realized.


Our DAF graduates provide professional production-ready technical packages for all garment manufacturing details. Tech designers are the engineers in the industry, and our team has worked with major retailers creating technical drawings for local and international manufacturers.

Production Management

Our team will source the best-suited suppliers on our network to ensure your garments are manufactured with the utmost quality and at the best price. We will coordinate and communicate with the manufacturer to stay on schedule and consult on production approvals. Our team will work with the factory to provide you with detailed costing sheets on your production runs.

Marketing & Analytics

Distilled has a team to support you with setting up your online store.  Allowing you to track your sales, stock and deliveries.  We work with photographers and videographers that are able to capture and create marketing content for social media.  Support on Google Analytics and Adwords are available for you to gain knowledge of customer interactions.

Let’s meet and discuss your vision and requirements. Based on the information provided, we will put together a proposal for your consideration.

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