A while ago we posted this in anticipation of the 2nd years “Menswear” presentation that took place on Tuesday (17 May).  All the 2nd years presented (not including the five students that received extensions due to the Durban July Competition – see here…) and the lecturers were very happy with the overall work shown, and the confident manner by which the students presented.

The 2nd Years hard at work

Each Student that presented began with a moodboard.  An A3 sheet of inspirational images from editorial shoots to designer shows to pictures of forests, streets, cities, etc. – anything that adds to the feel of their range.  It was interesting to note that vast sources of inspiration, from military to sartorial gentleman, to geek chic.  Each student presented a unique but relevant take on menswear.

Zoe Gee focused her inspiration on the military looks of the past.
The tailored man crosses a rebel rocker for Kaleigh Lemoine inspiration.

Interesting to note was that most students focused on the smart casual lifestyle of menswear.  In general, the looks was a lot simpler, cleaner.  More grown up but with a youthful, quirky twist.  Focus was on fit and silhouette.  Layering came through in almost all the boards as the students tended to work towards a winter look.


A Man about Town - this gentleman look from Thandi Pritchard shows a new take on tailoring with a twist
Inspired by the 1950's, Amy Holland is taking retro and making it fresh

The moodboards discussed the look and feel, the colour and the fabric.  The next board, the look board.  Here, students described what total looks, be it from the designer shows or the street, that they are inspired by, and the accessories that complete that look.


Daniel Bradley excited everyone with his looks inspired by Japanese street style.

Finally, the 2nd years ended their presentation with their three bodies (which are drawn) with accompanying technical drawings which are done on Adobe Illustrator.


Elizabeth Mbulawa focuses on silhouette and new neck lines and shapes for her Urban Safari look.
Military takes on a naval officer look from Zoe Gee

Well done to all the 2nd years!  The DAF team are very impressed by the research and hard work.  And to you, the DAF Blog reader, you are invited to see these designs come to life at the Annual DAF fashion show at the end of this year. Details to follow, so keep in touch!