Lynton Rice has worked all over the world.  With international brands, manufacturers and big retailers.  He is currently the Mens Casual Design Manager at Woolworths.

As a Woolworths Design Manager, Lynton exposed the students to the roles and responsibilities of each member of the design team.  Fashion designers, graphic designers, and design assistants.  He also gave the students an overview of what skills retailers look for in a fashion design student.

Woolworths Design Manager

Born in the UK, Lynton spoke to the students about his studies in London and New York.   His first job was as a pattern maker for Alexander McQueen.

Lynton was on our Advisory Committee for 2014, and has made himself available for further interaction as part of our Industry Affiliation.  Lynton has two past DAF students on his team, and we would like to thank him for his support!

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