In a year of global change, the DAF class of 2020 chose to innovate and re-imagine our graduate exhibition. With the limitations on people attending events, we cancelled the annual fashion show.
A meeting took place with the DAF staff and 3rd years to discuss our options. Should we push out the fashion show to 2021? Hope that the situation changes by then. Should we create a live online digital fashion show?
We discussed the relevance of fashion shows in today’s world. Does it offer value to have your work displayed on a runway for a few seconds? Is this was the best way to communicate all the work and thought that goes into a graduate collection?
The 3rd years chose to take on extra work. Impressing us with their commitment, resilience and creativity. Filming, styling and editing their unique fashion campaign. A task that had them learn new skills and collaborate with other creatives.
Our exhibition offered time slots to ensure social distancing. With the first day open to industry and the following day open for family and friends.
With all the time spent on their graduate collections, we wanted to create an environment for engagement. The exhibition space allows for meaningful dialogue between the student and the industry. Students are able to communicate their range. Bringing the guest into their world as a designer.
Each student encompassing the Design Academy of Fashion motto:  ENGAGE THE WORLD THROUGH DESIGN

Exhibition Design Academy of Fashion

The class of 2020 created a 1 minute 30 second campaign video. In the build up to the filming, we spent time discussing fashion films and campaigns.  We analysed the way brands used video and audio to create emotion and tell a story.

Each student created a brand book that describes their brand and their inspiration in detail.  Using this document as a platform to consider location, models, styling, and what the message/story of their campaign was going to share.

Watch the full graduate video that was on loop at the exhibition.

The fashion campaigns allowed the industry guests an opportunity to delve into the story and brand of each student.  A quick snapshot of what is inspiring each of them, and the message they are conveying.

From the video viewing room, guests walked around the exhibition space and engaged with the students and the product.  

Thank you to 4th Street Wine and Happy Culture for keeping our guests hydrated.

Exhibition Design Academy of Fashion
Exhibition Design Academy of Fashion

GRADUATE EXHIBITION | Higher Certificates

The one-year Higher Certificate students have truly blown us all away!  Online classes are never ideal, especially when you are studying the practical side of fashion. The outcome of their collections, their brands, are outstanding!  


Kwanga Qusheka

Geraldo Fortuin

Akhona Sogwagwa

Drikus Van Zyl

Esther Deagbo

Ryan Jackson

Nirvana Diedericks

Dylan Chiro

Sarah Lane

We are so proud of all the DAF students! As challenging as this year has been, it has been one of incredible growth for everyone. The resilience displayed and the commitment shown to not only complete the year on time but also going above and beyond through creating a very special event. You are all very deserving of the accolades and compliments we received from the industry guests.

A massive thank you to all the lecturers and staff of the DAF family! From the complexity of shifting to online teaching, and offering additional support for each learner. We haven’t missed one academic day and completed the year on time. An achievement that highlights your commitment to the learners and DAF values.

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