The Fashion School in Cape Town.  Based in the Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock.

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Focusing on the heart and mind of the individual, we explore, engage and experience the world around us. When we understand ourselves and connect to the world, we are able to design and create with relevance and empathy.

About DAF

Founded in 1999 by Daphne Treadaway, the Design Academy of Fashion has rapidly established itself as one of the leading fashion schools in South Africa. In 2006, Bianca Fobian and Suzanne Aldridge took over the Academy, and with a vision for continued excellence and contemporary education, the institution has since seen remarkable growth.  


Bianca Fobian is passionate about cultivating a culture of lifelong learning and has created an environment that fosters creativity and holistic growth. Under her leadership, the institution has evolved to be a hub for self-development and innovation, preparing students for the future.  


In 2020, Luke Fobian joined as co-director, bringing his 18 years of experience in trend forecasting and fashion design for major South African retailers. With a focus on bridging the gap between students and the workforce, Luke is committed to building a world-class education platform that contributes to the future of African design. 

Our Values


At the core of our values, our human-centred approach focuses on welfare, respect and drives our design process through empathy.


By celebrating imagination, we strive to find
new ways of thinking and developing design solutions.


When we have a positive mindset, productivity, creativity and engagement improves.


By taking responsibility for growth in all areas of our lives, we become more resilient, adaptable and responsible members of society.


By identifying and acting with environmental and social purpose we can positively impact and add long term value to those around us.


Create a culture of re-inventing the future by supporting the next generation as they realise their full creative abilities. Focusing on the heart and mind of the designer.


Collaboration with students, faculty, other institutions and industry.

Our Mission

To provide quality education and training, conducive to the optimal development of each student by ensuring individual attention and commitment to learners, in order to maximise their unique potential and equip them to enter the fashion industry in any fashion field with confidence, expert knowledge and skills.


Sarah Lane Sketch Design Academy of Fashion
Sarah Lane Design Academy of Fashion

Our Vision

The leading creative participant in private fashion education dedicated to transforming and developing Africa’s creative capital.


Our Approach

We drive a focus on the heart and mind of the designer. Our curriculum is
built around a process of delving into “who am I”, “who are you”, and “who are
we”. As we engage with ourselves and the world around us. We are able to
design with relevance and empathy.

In order to contribute to the world, we need to understand ourselves first.

We encourage a culture of higher-goals and ideals across all areas of life.
Through creating an environment of growth with innovative forms of learning
that engage in open and respectful engagements.


available from 9:00 – 16:30

Monday – Friday

Address The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7926

Email info@daf-academy.co.za