The restrictions on gatherings during the lockdown levels of 2020, created an opportunity to reconsider what replaces the DAF graduate fashion show. The DAF class of 2020 produced a video campaign of their final collection and created an exhibition space for interaction with industry.

design academy of fashion
design academy of fashion

With the overwhelming success of the exhibition format, the class of 2021 chose to bypass the fashion show, opting for what they believe offers authentic value to the graduates. Engaging with industry on their collection and inspiration. Guests have the opportunity to get up close to the garments. It drives the student to excellence in concept and execution.

design academy of fashion
design academy of fashion

The graduate exhibition offers DAF an opportunity to welcome industry and guests to their beautiful new campus at the Old Biscuit Mill.

A buzz of creative energy surrounded the Mill as DAF neighbour, and fellow higher education institution, The Cape Town Creative Academy, exhibited their graduate work across art and communication design.
And the local menswear store, Fields, hosted an event to celebrate the opening of their new store in the Old Biscuit Mill.

The culmination of a years’ work for our 3rd years, the exhibition showcased their end of year graduate collections. The individual body of work provides the freedom & opportunity for these young creatives to explore their unique ideas and express themselves and the way in which they view the world, through concept generation & the art of clothing design.

In the build-up to the graduates creating their video campaigns, they created brand manifestos and styling mood boards. Including lessons on Adobe Rush where many of them edited their videos. The experience of collaborating with models, videographers, make-up artists, and directing their creative vision is an invaluable experience for the graduates.

1st Year Exhibition: Urban Survivalist

“The future is uncertain. In an unpredictable urban environment, we must find clothing that suits the modern-day traveler. Function and utility come together in a militaristic way. In this post- apocalyptic wasteland, we delve into a dystopian landscape. The colours we see are khaki, taupe, tobacco and sand to conjure visions of the arid dunes. Olive, fatigue and moss echo the forgotten barren landscapes. Midnight blue and merlot reflect the horizon at dusk. Gun metal and silver allude to the unforgiving rocky terrain and crumbling buildings of cities fallen”.

design academy of fashion

2nd Year Exhibition: Fields Collaboration

“We find ourselves battling to achieve the momentum of balance. Feeling a desire to connect and be close, as well as one to explore, in a time when it’s been unsafe to do so. A feeling of anger at how we’ve been forced to withdraw from our basic human desires of connection, touch and interaction. As a result of this, we feel a burning desire to do just that. To fight this head on. To explore, touch and connect. We could not hug or physically interact. When we can, we will often and passionately. We could not safely explore. When we can, our exploring must never stop”.

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