Engage the World Through Design

The DAF curriculum is designed to unleash your full potential as a unique creative. Focusing on the heart and mind of the individual, we explore, engage and experience the world around us. When we understand ourselves and connect to the world, we are able to design and create with relevance and empathy.

2021 Applications are open

Applications for 2021 close when the Diploma First Year class is full (25 students) and the Higher Certificate students are full (18 Students).  To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you don’t postpone your application.


spots available for 2021

Our Approach

We drive a focus on the heart and mind of the designer. Our curriculum is built around a process of delving into “who am I”, “who are you”, and “who are we”.  As we engage with ourselves and the world around us. We are able to design with relevance and empathy.

In order to contribute to the world, we need to understand ourselves first

We encourage a culture of higher-goals and ideals across all areas of life. Through creating an environment of growth with innovative forms of learning that engage in open and respectful engagements.

Our Mission

To provide quality education and training, conducive to the optimal development of each student by ensuring individual attention and commitment to learners, in order to maximise their unique potential and equip them to enter the fashion industry in any fashion field with confidence, expert knowledge and skills.

Engage the World through Design

Our Vision

The leading creative participant in private fashion education dedicated to transforming and developing Africa’s creative capital.

Developing Africa's Creative Capital