The FRANKfurtstyleaward is one of the world’s most established global fashion contests for students. It stands for a sustainable talent and career platform that connects fashion newcomers, professionals, colleges, universities, fashion creators and the fashion & style communities. The contest’s unique concept supports innovative ideas, creativity and inventive achievement and offers its participants an international springboard into the fashion world.

We are incredibly pleased to announce the that four of our  DAF 3rd year students have been nominated as finalists this year!

The theme this year is HEIMAT 4.0

Definition : HEIMAT: German (noun) word meaning “home” or “homeland”

“The relationship of a human towards a spacial unit – a sense of belonging to ones homeland or tribe”

Students had to then interpret this theme and choose one from the following 3 lifestyles to use as inspiration:


“HEIMAT 4.0 is the motto of the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2019. We invite you to provide the term with a new set of clothes. Fashion reflects HEIMAT. But what does the reflection show? Do we have to revolutionize HEIMAT? Or do we have to return to our roots?”

They were asked to create a motivational letter explaining their choice of lifestyle and inspirations (relating to the theme), as well as a storyboard containing one design.

Out of 130 finalists from around the globe, 4 talented young DAF students made the cut!

  1. Thomas Le Roux – URBAN
  2. Mbali Mbalu – ADVENTURE
  3. Keshia Smith – EARTH
  4. Jenna Standish – URBAN
Design Academy of Fashion
Thomas Le Roux – URBAN


Design Academy of Fashion
Mbali Mbalu – ADVENTURE


Design Academy of Fashion
Keshia Smith – EARTH


Design Academy of Fashion
Jenna Standish – URBAN



We wish them all the best of luck for the next round #watchthisspace!