as a boutique fashion institution, we are incredibly proud of our global achievements

The DAF Difference

Quick DAF Facts

The only fashion school in Africa on the CEO World magazines "Top 100 fashion schools in the world".
One of 11 schools around the world on the GUCCI Fellowship Design Program!
Frankfurt Style Awards 2019 student, Jenna Standish won the Outstanding Talents Award.
Two 2019 graduates were finalists in the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives Class of 2020. A class of creatives across all disciplines of design.
85% of 2019 graduates are employed. 6% are continuing their studies.
100% of graduates would recommend DAF to a friend.

Why DAF?

We focus on the heart & mind of the designer, offering a holistic approach to education.
A commitment to learners to offer individual attention & support.
A curriculum that has been built for you to explore your unique creative expression.
Encouraging higher goals and ideals across all areas of life.
High teaching contact time with a low student to lecturer ratio.
DAF leverages strong relationships with large retailers, designers and suppliers within the clothing sector.

The Student Experience

"Being at DAF proved to me that I have the ability to be successful. Coming from a humble upbringing, to being short-listed to the Gucci Fellowship Award, travelling to Italy and interviewing at one of the biggest brands in the world, was an incredible experience."
Babalwa Dopi Design Academy of Fashion
Babalwa Dopi
2019 graduate
"I had moved from Law to Fashion and was quite nervous about the dramatic move, but studying at DAF was inspiring and really assisted me in having the confidence to open my own label. The small classes and focused teaching really helped to develop my unique perspective and to give me a taste of the various aspects of the industry"
Design Academy of Fashion
Hannah Lavery
2011 graduate
DAF has a very personal approach and really cares for each student. The lecturers create a positive space where you are encouraged to be creative. I loved my time at DAF and still speak to the friends I made there many years ago. Since then I have worked on sneaker collaborations with Adidas and Fila, worked on Savile Row in London and currently senior designer for menswear accessories at John Lewis in London. I would highly recommend DAF for anyone thinking about studying fashion"
Daniel Bradley Design Academy of Fashion
Daniel Bradley
2012 graduate
"Each year at DAF was a moment of growth for me, in my way of designing and how I approach new projects. DAF has been a very important part of my life and my career. The creative freedom given to us as designers helped me grow and realise what I wanted to do in my career and where I wanted to take my designing ability. I recommend DAF to any young fashion designer that has a passion to develop their design capability. DAF will help you find your creative space and give you the freedom to be who you are as a person and as a designer. Soon I leave for Rome to be an assistant designer at Gucci."
Robyn Clark Design Academy of Fashion
Robyn Clark
2019 graduate


available from 9:00 – 16:30

Monday – Friday

Address The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7926

Email info@daf-academy.co.za