On the evening of November 30, 2023, a beautiful evening in Cape Town, the DAF Fashion Show unfolded at our very own campus nestled in the heart of the Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock.  The air was filled with anticipation, creativity, and a touch of glamour. A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors, Cape Spritz and The Duchess, for adding a refreshing sparkle to the night. The venue, with its 400 seats, was fully embraced by our vibrant community, selling out a day prior, a testament to the incredible support we’ve received.

Doors opened at 18:30, welcoming our esteemed industry guests into the Bamboo Room where the 3rd-year exhibition took place. This dedicated space provided a unique opportunity for industry experts to intimately engage with our graduating designers. Portfolios were unveiled, narratives were shared, and the essence of each collection was unveiled, creating an immersive experience that transcended the boundaries of a traditional fashion show.  This encounter allowed our industry partners to witness firsthand the depth of creativity and innovation emanating from the minds of our talented designers.

DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion SHow 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023

At 19:30, the runway came alive with the creations of our 1st-year designers, showcasing their “Joyful Nautical” dresses crafted during Term 4.  Each dress, a testament to both the impeccable construction skills and boundless creativity cultivated in our emerging designers. The runway, adorned with stripes and fluid silhouettes, set the tone for an evening of splendor.

1st Years – Joyful Nautical Theme

DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion SHow 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion SHow 2023

The spotlight then turned to our talented 2nd-year designers, who graced the runway not once but twice!  First, a captivating display of menswear creations born from an inspiring collaboration with the esteemed local brand, Fields. The runway became a canvas for the merging of Fields’ essence with the unique touch of each student, resulting in a menswear showcase that redefined contemporary style.

2nd Years – Menswear.  In Collaboration with Fields

DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion SHOW 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023

Following this, our designers unveiled their avant-garde masterpieces under the theme “Speak Your Mind,” addressing poignant issues like waste, greed, gender-based violence, and equality. Each piece, a powerful statement and an artistic manifestation of social consciousness.

The Dark Red bull-denim fabric used by the students was partially sponsored by Millar Textiles.

2nd Years – Avant-Garde.  ” Speak Your Mind”

DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023
DAF Fashion Show 2023

🌟✨ Presenting the 3rd Year Collections at the DAF Fashion Show 2023! 🌟✨

The culmination of a year-long journey, our 3rd-year students not only mastered the art of fashion but transformed into brand creators, strategists, and campaign visionaries. 

Throughout the year, they embarked on a multifaceted journey:

1️⃣ Brand Development: Crafting unique brand identities that reflect their design philosophy and resonate with their target audience.

2️⃣ Marketing Strategy: Formulating comprehensive marketing strategies to position their brands in the competitive fashion landscape.

3️⃣ Collection Design: Designing and creating their collections, where every piece tells a story and showcases their distinctive design aesthetics.

4️⃣ Fabric Sourcing: Exploring and selecting fabrics that bring their visions to life, considering texture, color, and sustainability.

5️⃣ Garment Construction: Mastering impeccable construction techniques to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of their garments.

6️⃣ Branding: Creating compelling branding elements that convey the essence of their brands, from logos to visual identities.

7️⃣ Industry Panel Presentations: Pitching their concepts and designs to industry panels, receiving valuable feedback and insights.

8️⃣ Portfolio Development: Crafting comprehensive portfolios that showcase their growth, skills, and unique design perspectives.

9️⃣ Conceptual Look: Designing a conceptual look that aligns with their brand narrative and pushes the boundaries of creative expression.

🔟 Campaign Creation: Becoming creative directors of their own campaign videos, translating their brand stories into visually captivating narratives.

Now, let’s dive into the individual collections and witness the magic unfold! We present each designer’s campaign video!

Designer: Keo Herbert

Brand: To-Morrow

Instagram: @t0_morrow

Designer: Iman O’Brien

Brand: Iman Sophia

Instagram: @imansophiaatelier

Designer: Natania Nitzky

Brand: Asylum

Instagram: @theasylum

Designer: Panashe Ndhlovu

Brand: Panshe

Instagram: @by panashe

Designer: Anja Morland

Brand: I Am

Instagram: @i_am_official

Designer: Kenan Van Kooij

Brand: Swanbooij

Instagram: @swanbooij_official

Designer: Kirsten McDonald

Brand: Cai

Instagram: @cai_studios

Designer: Amy Stockenstroom

Brand: Emmerse

Instagram: @emmerse_official

Designer: Carla Du Plessis

Brand: CADU

Instagram: @cadu.studio

Designer: Bella Corder

Brand: Lilah & Loom

Instagram: @lilahloom

Designer: Lisa Lensley-Combrinck

Brand: Anna Suzanna

Instagram: @annasuzanna.atelier

As the curtain falls on the DAF Fashion Show 2023, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this spectacular evening possible! 

Students: Your dedication, hard work, and fundraising efforts added a special touch to the event. Each one of you contributed to the success of the show, and we are immensely proud of your achievements.

Parents, Friends, and Family: Your unwavering support, encouragement, and cheers from the audience fueled the passion of our budding designers. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey.

Devon from DA Concepts: A massive shoutout to Devon for bringing the runway to life! Your expertise and creativity turned our vision into a breathtaking reality.

Scar and Liz Reyneke: Thank you for the incredible hair and makeup that adorned our models, enhancing the beauty of each collection. Your talent added the perfect finishing touch.

Sponsors: A special thank you to Truworths, LearningCurve, Elna, and The Deckle Edge for contributing to the success of the event and providing prizes that inspire our students.

Industry Guests: To our esteemed industry guests, your presence and engagement with our students during the exhibition and show added immense value. We appreciate your support.

This event was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the future of fashion. Together, we’ve created memories that will linger in our hearts. Until next time, thank you for being a part of the DAF Fashion Show 2023 journey! 

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