From Graduate to SA Fashion Week: Amanda Trom's Journey with VNTU

Amanda Trom’s transformative journey in the world of fashion design has been nothing short of inspiring. Graduating with the class of 2022 in March 2023, she swiftly made a significant leap from being a student to debuting her first non-student collection at the prestigious SA Fashion Week. Under her brand VNTU, Trom showcased her remarkable collection titled “Children of the Sun,” embodying a narrative of empowerment and renewal.

“In this collection, I aimed to capture the essence of being the descendants of the sun, inheriting its properties—power, energy, and the ability to bring forth a new dawn,” Trom expressed, emphasizing the thematic core that drove her design process.

Amanda Trom’s design journey took root when she was awarded the Noni Gasa Fashion design bursary in 2019, setting the stage for her creative trajectory. Growing up in Woodstock, Cape Town, her designs echo the vibrant diversity and rich cultural tapestry that has influenced her perspective profoundly. Trom’s ethos revolves around authenticity, functionality, and sustainability, all conveyed through her brand VNTU (Pronounced Vin-too).

“VNTU represents a Pan-African, gender-neutral streetwear brand that draws inspiration from my South African and Zambian heritage,” explains Trom. Her contemporary label embodies inclusivity and sustainability, meticulously crafted with natural fibers. Through VNTU, Trom champions recycling and upcycling, integrating bold colors and prints to tell evocative stories. “We are Children of the Sun,” Trom declares, encapsulating the brand’s philosophy of vitality and strength.

The SA Fashion Week served as a platform for Trom to showcase her evolution from a promising graduate to a visionary designer. While Children of the Sun marked a significant leap, it retained the distinctive VNTU signature that embodies her unique narrative, cultural fusion, and commitment to sustainable fashion.

Amanda Trom’s journey is not just a celebration of artistic expression but also a testament to the transformative power of passion, authenticity, and commitment in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion design. Her ascent from a graduate to a SA Fashion Week participant underlines her talent, dedication, and unwavering determination in the realm of fashion.

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