What Fashion Course Should You Study?

Embarking on a career or entrepreneurial venture in the dynamic world of fashion brings both excitement and challenges. To guide you through this journey and help you identify the best courses that align with your aspirations, we’ve outlined potential job opportunities and the corresponding courses that pave the way to success.  

Student Experience


Retail Buyer & Retail Fashion Designer

Recommended Course: Diploma in Fashion

For those aspiring to be Retail Buyer or Fashion Designers, the Diploma in Fashion at the Design Academy of Fashion is your comprehensive gateway to the industry. This intensive 3-year program provides comprehensive training across all facets of fashion, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge required for a successful career. Key requirements for roles in retail typically include a minimum diploma or degree in fashion qualification.

Alternative Path: Foundation in Fashion

If you have a BCom or similar qualification and aim to transition into buying or the fashion industry, the Foundation in Fashion course is tailored for you. This condensed yet robust program spans five months part-time, offering a glimpse into the vibrant world of fashion.

Starting a Brand / Entrepreneur / Brand Manager

Recommended Course: Diploma in Fashion & Fashion Entrepreneur Course

The Diploma in Fashion offers a unique opportunity in the third year for students to materialise their entrepreneurial dreams. This stage allows them to establish their brands, craft business strategies, and launch their debut collections while developing comprehensive business plans and marketing strategies.

The Fashion Entrepreneur course at our academy delves into the nuances of brand creation and identity, guiding students through the formulation of robust business plans. It emphasises key strategic areas like marketing, operational tactics, and financial planning. For individuals without prior fashion experience, undertaking the Foundation Course before the Entrepreneur Course is recommended.

Ideal for those inclined to oversee the business aspects of their brand, the Entrepreneur Course serves as a perfect fit for individuals aiming to delegate sampling and production while focusing on managing the business’s operational facets.

Home Business / Evening Wear & Tailoring

Recommended Courses: Advanced Tailoring & Pattern Making / Diploma in Fashion

Delve into the art of creating stunning evening wear or specialising in tailoring with our Advanced Tailoring & Pattern Making short course. This specialised program sharpens your tailoring prowess, focusing deeply on the intricacies of evening wear design. Note that prior experience in patternmaking and garment construction is vital for this course. If you’re new to these, it’s advisable to begin with our Introduction and Intermediate Courses to establish your foundational skills.

For those seeking a more comprehensive knowledge base, our 3-year Diploma in Fashion equips aspiring designers and tailors with the robust expertise needed to excel in the field of evening wear.

Fashion Stylist

Recommended Courses: Fashion Styling Course / Adobe Digital Fashion Design / Diploma in Fashion

Unleash your creative flair and embark on your styling journey with our Fashion Styling course. Gain invaluable hands-on experience, indulge in creative exercises, and explore your distinctive stylistic expression.

For an added edge, consider supplementing your Fashion Styling course with Adobe Digital Fashion Design. This optional offering empowers aspiring stylists by imparting skills in image manipulation and detailed color refinement using software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Looking for a comprehensive blend of creativity and business insights? Our Diploma in Fashion is tailored for individuals aspiring to carve a niche as fashion stylists and magazine editors. This program amalgamates creativity, industry insights, and specialized skill development to shape the stylists of tomorrow.

Pattern Maker

Recommended Courses: Introduction to Patternmaking & Garment Construction / Intermediate Patternmaking & Garment Construction / Advanced Tailoring & Pattern Making / Diploma in Fashion

Pattern makers play an integral role as the architects of fashion, shaping the blueprints that bring designs to life. Our Pattern Making & Garment Construction series, comprising introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, guides individuals through a transformative journey, starting from the basics to mastering intricate pattern design.

Elevate your expertise further with our Diploma in Fashion. Students explore various market segments, refining their skills in designing patterns tailored to diverse styles and preferences, preparing them to excel as proficient pattern makers in the industry.


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